LOVE to be FIT!!

I didn’t always love getting in shape or eating healthy, but since The 21 Day Fix was introduced to me things have never been the same. Here we are about 8 months later and I’ve done The Fix at least 5 times, finished P90X3 and am currently facing my fears with Insanity Max:30.

I can honestly say I NEVER thought I could do these programs. I had this idea in my mind that I couldn’t work out too hard, that I wasn’t capable if it – but it turns out I am doing pretty darn good! 😉

I can also say I NEVER thought I would be caught dead eating Broccoli! I never like it as a kid or an adult, but since becoming a coach and branching out I have learned to like it. I don’t LOVE it yet, but one day at a time, right??

So, here is to an amazing 2015, facing our fears and staying on this fit and healthy lifestyle. Who’s with me??



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