My Latest Obsession….

Cashew Butter

Not just any cashew butter, but homemade cashew butter. I know it sounds intimidating and daunting – but I swear IT IS NOT!!

About 8 months ago I was diagnosed with an insane amount of food allergies – from red meat and spinach to my beloved Almond Butter – and I kind of lost my mind there for a bit. But, don’t you fear, it’s back and I am better than ever! 😉

So, in the process of figuring out what I could eat that wasn’t going to kill my stomach, I found CASHEW BUTTER. Creamy, heavenly, full of good fats (which DO NOT make you fat, FYI!) and just what I was needing in my life.

So, here is the lowdown for you all. All you need to make this most amazing nut butter is Raw, preferably organic, cashews. No oil, no sugar – nothing but nuts!


I make two batches at a time, because let’s be real – who wants to clean the food processor twice?? Not this girl!


2 12 ounce bags of raw, organic cashews


Place one bag in the food processor and begin processing. The nuts will go through stages and at various intervals you will need to scrape the sides down.


1 – Nuts turn to flour.


2 – Nuts start to form into little tiny balls. (During this stage, you will need to scrape the sides a lot to encourage proper blending. Probably every 10 seconds.)


3. Nuts start to form bigger balls


4. Hard ball stage. It might feel like your processor is going to rock it’s way off the counter, but it won’t! Also, at this stage it might be a good idea to stop blending, take the top off and let it cool off for 5 mins. You don’t want it to overheat. 🙂


5. Soft ball stage. Things are looking up! The nuts are releasing their oils and allowing the mixture to soften up. Keep going!!!


6. The ball has broken up, you’re almost there!!!!


7. And Voila – you have cashew butter. Once it gets to this creamy stage, I blend for an additional minute or so.

Then scoop it out, put in a glass container and store in the fridge for at least a week (if you can get it to last that long!) Repeat process with second bag.

ENJOY on apples, bananas, in Shakes, on dark chocolate – the list goes on and so does my obsession!



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