Be Your OWN Boss!!

I like to talk about my new “job” and how life changing it has been, it’s hard not to share!

The last 6 years have been quite challenging and I felt like I had lost my sense of purpose in this world. All I ever wanted was to be a Mom, and when life didn’t turn out the way I thought it would I completely lost myself. I was desperately seeking something, I just didn’t know what it was.

Then this amazing opportunity came into my life, has helped me get my health and fitness back on track, has given me a renewed sense of self, enabled me to reconnect with amazing women and has ALSO allowed me to contribute financially to my family (even if it is only Steve and I)!

Part of this amazing job as a fitness coach is to run lots of fun groups for my clients – accountability groups, crockpot groups, Shakeology groups – you name it, we do it!! 🙂 But honestly, one of my favorites is our ‪#‎Girlboss‬: Glimpse Into Coaching Group. This groups lets YOU get an inside look into what a “week in the life” of a coach looks like. I will share with you how the business works, examples of what you will be doing daily, how you’ll make money, and how you will use this amazing job to help you stay accountable for your OWN fitness goals.

coaching 2

So, I ask YOU, if you are interested in –

Trying something new,
Earning some extra $$
Paying off your debt
Helping contribute to your family’s monthly expenses
Helping yourself and others find success and accountability with their health & fitness
Being a part of an INCREDIBLE team
Growing personally
Quitting that job that isn’t taking you anywhere…….

Then THIS is {YOUR} time and I would LOVE to have you jump into this group. It is FREE, zero obligations – all I ask is that you give it 5 days and see if joining my team of wonderfully inspiring women could be ::THAT THING:: for you. 🙂

Comment below or add yourself to the list.

Life is just too darn short to not do something you love!!!

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