STOP Giving Up!!!

August CG Pic

OK, I know I can’t be the only who needs a swift kick in the booty from time to time, right?!

So, let’s get REAL!! If you are tired of always having to start over, then it’s time to stop giving up!!

It occurred to me the other day that I want to change {{MORE}} than I want to stay the same! So, it’s time to throw away the excuses and find the time and the will power to DO IT!!

Exercising and eating clean is not something I do to just lose weight… It’s what I do to be, and stay, healthy – physically and mentally!!

So I challenge you to join me – and STOP GIVING UP on yourself, you are too important!! AUGUST 3rd is the day to start the new you, don’t wait until the time is right, or else you will be waiting forever! Lace up your shoes and let’s {GO}!!!!

If you want support and a friend to do it with, comment below or add your name to my fancy list { } !!



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