Get FIT with LIZ!!

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Hey there I’m Liz!!

I’m really excited to share with you the opportunity of joining my AMAZING team LOVE to be FIT!! We’ve helped THOUSANDS of people get fit, get healthy and become their own BOSS!! We were one of the TOP 300 teams in 2015, out of 400,000!!

I am deeply passionate about helping women get fit, health and become their own CEO, I can’t wait to see the women who join our team in 2016!

I personally coach 10-20 new women each month who have fitness, health & nutrition goals that they are ready to CRUSH! {The coaching takes place in a PRIVATE, online Fitness Challenge Group here on Facebook using Beachbody workouts & Shakeology.}

I also PERSONALLY mentor 5-10 women each month as new coaches who have joined my team. I teach them all the tools that are necessary to build a successful business at home, like I have built, just by helping others get fit, healthy and HAPPY!!

I truly believe this is my purpose in life, and I can’t wait to share this with YOU!

I am very confident I can help you with one or both of these things…

1. I can help you FINALLY achieve the fitness & health goals you have always wanted to achieve


2. I can teach you EXACTLY what I have done to build my business to where it is now… and I’m pretty darn confident that I teach you how to go {ABOVE AND BEYOND} my success!!

So, let’s get down to the nitty gritty…

Before Beachbody, I was LOST.

*Now, I am FREE.

Before Beachbody, I had crazy low self-esteem, I was struggling to lose weight, depressed after dealing with infertility, and didn’t know where my life was taking me.

*Now I can say that I have found my purpose in life, I have found FREEDOM for my family, and I have never been happier!

Before Beachbody, we were living on a pretty tight budget, scared about living paycheck to paycheck, struggling with debt, & had ZERO to little savings.

*Now, we are blessed with FINANCIAL FREEDOM! We can save, we are debt free, we are free to travel, save and donate!!

A few questions for you….

* Are you finally READY to be in the BEST SHAPE of your life?

* Are you looking for a positive, UPLIFTING and flat out AMAZING community to be a part of?

* Are you looking to find YOUR purpose in life?

* Do you want to create independence & freedom for you & your family {or future family!}?

* Are you ready to live a LIFE by DESIGN?

* Is it time for you to be your OWN BOSS, and the CEO of your life? To make your own work hours, work wherever you want and do what you LOVE?

* Are you COACHABLE? This is not a “get-rich-quick” scheme! Are you willing to spend a year making short-term sacrifices in order to spend the rest of your life enjoying long-term success???

If you are reading this & and your gut us telling you “THIS IS YOUR SIGN”, it IS!!! I want to hear from you, I want YOU on my team!! ❤

To join me in my next ONLINE FITNESS CHALLENGE GROUP – please click the link below to get me some info so we can find the best program for you!

New Challenger Application |

To be considered for my exclusive Team LOVE to be FIT New Coach Training please apply below.

LOVE to be FIT New Coach Application |

If you don’t already, be sure to LIKE my FIT page on Facebook |


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