Spaghetti Night


Spaghetti Night might be a normal thing for most of you, but for someone with INSANE food allergies, this is heaven in a bowl!!

When you are allergic to gluten (pizza, pasta, crackers, cake – you name it) and red meat – having a spaghetti night seemed kind of impossible to recreate!

In comes Turkey Meatballs from one of my favorite cookbooks {FIXATE} and some yummy quinoa noodles – and we’ve got ourselves a spaghetti dinner that won’t kill my stomach and keep me in the bathroom all night!! 😂😂😂
All is not lost!!

Here is the recipe for Autumns Turkey Meatballs, and here are my fixes to make them Gluten Free!
1 – instead of the whole wheat bread crumbs, I opted for ground up GF oats. You can also do GF bread crumbs from any GF bread you like!
2 – We used Quinoa spaghetti noodles, but you can do brown rice noodles or even ZOODLES!! 🙂




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