I am 1 in 8…..

1in 8

{{I AM 1 in 8}}
I am one face of INFERTILITY. One face out of MILLIONS who have suffered in silence, cried alone, anxiously awaited a positive pregnancy test that never came. I’ve lost friends, gone “crazy”, talked to therapists, blamed myself, blamed Steve, hated EVERYONE who got pregnant when I couldn’t.

We are now 7.5 years into our journey, and if I can, I want to offer HOPE to all of you who may be suffering alone, in the shadows of infertility.

I {PROMISE} you, there is hope! Coming from someone who still does not have her B A B Y – I have come out of the darkness, I am stronger, happier (yes, I am happy), I am wiser, and I have HOPE!! I have HOPE that if a baby is what GOD/The Universe has in store for us, it will come to us. I have HOPE, that the more we all talk about our struggles, the more we blow the lid off of this heartbreaking situation – the less people will have to suffer alone!

I know firsthand it can be really hard to “help” someone you love who is struggling through this, but I will tell you this – listen as much as you can, give your unwavering support, love with all your heart and try to let us navigate this journey as best we can. Each person is different, each struggle or diagnosis is different – but the PAIN is the same!

Wherever you are at in your infertility journey – be gentle with yourself and your emotions, get help if you need it, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and {NEVER GIVE UP HOPE}!!!! ❤


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