Clean & Simple Dinners that ROCK

I used to HATE veggies, ok that’s a lie, I DESPISED them!! 😉

But then this little program called {The 21 Day Fix} came into my life and my hate is turning into love, slowly but surely.

As each month has passed over the last 2 years, I have slowly started to add more veggies into our daily lives, and I can honestly say I love them – not all of them, but some of them!!

You can’t go wrong with some purple potatoes, Lemony Haricots Vert and simple grilled chicken!


For the easy Lemony Green Bean Recipe, check out my FIT PAGE for a short video tutorial!

Easy Stove Top Chicken

*2 chicken breasts, split in half

*Pink Hymalain Salt

*Cracked Pepper

*Garlic Salt

*Chicken Seasoning

*Cooking oil – Coconut oil, Avocado Oil or Ghee

**Pat chicken dry and season with spices above. Heat Oil in a pan set to medium-high heat. Cook on each side for 4-8 mins depending on size. Check to be sure chicken is cook through before serving.

Roasted Purple Potatoes

Pre-heat oven to 425 degrees

* 2-3 cups of mini purple potatoes (If you can’t find the mini varieties, get the regular size and cut into smaller pieces)

*Pink Hymalain Salt

*Cracked Pepper

*Garlic Salt

*Dried herbs like thyme, HDP (Herbes de Provance), rosemary, etc. – OPTIONAL

*Cooking Oil – coconut oil, avocado oil, or Ghee

**Wash and dry potatoes. Cover with 1-2 tbs of melted oil. Add desired amount of spices and mix to combine. Spread on a rimmed cookie sheet and bake for 25-40 minutes, checking every 20 mins for desired doneness.





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