Don’t Quit Your DAYDREAM


What’s your {DAYDREAM}?? What’s that thing you can’t stop dreaming about for your life??
My daydream is to be a stay-at-home mom!

I truly believe that every step I’ve taken over the last eight years has brought me to this place where I’m at – being able to see my {DREAM} become a reality.


Failed jobs
8 years of infertility
Moving to Paris for 6 months
Facing my fears
Saying YES to coaching

I like to think of all these things as pieces of a puzzle. This “job” has literally become the last piece to the puzzle that I believe WILL get us to our baby, to that crying, pooping, bundle of JOY!! 😉

It has grown me mentally, emotionally and financially- and without it, my DAYDREAM would not be possible.

While I work from home, on my time, I’m able to earn an income to pay for infertility treatments, I’m able to heal my body from the inside out, I’ve learned how to truly take care of my mind and body…. And eventually I will get to be home with our baby, working my coaching business from home, helping other people make their dreams a reality.

So, to all you {DAYDREAMERS} out there, don’t quit!!! Don’t ever give up your dreams!!



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