Jump Start Your June!

Are you STRESSED? Are you TIRED?? Do you get enough ME time???? Raise your hand if this is you!!

22 months ago I joined my first ever {challenge group}, I went in blind, having NO idea what this thing was or why I would want to post a sweaty selfie every day! wink emoticon;)
Since then, I have been running my own challenge groups, EVERY SINGLE month, without fail. Do you want to know WHY I do this??

june 2

I do it for the stay at home mom who’s losing her mind with play dates, not enough ME time, and feeling lost
I do it for the college grad, who didn’t’ eat so well while she was studying for exams, having a blast being a 21-year-old, and maybe didn’t’ treat her body so good in the process
I do it for the working woman, who’s stressed, tired and feels intimated when it comes to cooking a healthy meal for her family
And I do it for {ME}, the woman going through the trials and tribulations of infertility, the person looking for some love & support while on her own fitness journey, the one who needed more for her MIND, BODY, & SOUL

I may not be able to remove ALL the stress from your life or turn you into the next Julia Child, but I can assure you of this; I will help you get back on track with your HEALTH & FITNESS!! I will give you love, support, and sometimes a good kick in the butt, I will work with you one-on-one to come up with the right nutrition plan for you, I will motivate you, and I will get you back to your H A P P Y place.

I will help you find YOU again, and show you that you can have {{ME}} time, and still be a good mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend. I will take care of your MIND | BODY | SOUL – as if it were my own!! 💗

{{{THIS IS WHY I DO THIS JOB – to help YOU.}}}

My next group starts one week from Monday, so if you were looking for a sign to start working on YOU – you found it!!! Shoot me an email and we can start working on Y O U!!




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