Comfort in a bowl…

I have an issue with food. If I’m sad, angry, nervous, or even happy – I use it as an excuse to binge and overeat. The world has felt very out of control lately, and with the recent events on Sunday, my emotions have been all over the place. I decided that while there isn’t much I can do to help most of the people affected by these tragedies, I can share my love of food with you all.

So, I am taking my old, bad habits, and turning them into something soothing and comforting for all of you. This amazing soup will satisfy even the pickiest of eater, and will warm your heart, even if just a little bit.

This past weekend, I did a little experimenting and combined 2 recipes for a Paleo/AIP “potato” leek soup. They both sounded really good, so I came up with my own recipe, I told you all I was turning into Martha!!!!! 😉

This soup combines Japanese White Sweet Potatoes, Celeriac Root, Onions, and Leeks to make the perfect, creamiest, yummiest soup EVER!!!!!!

(Celeriac Root)


This is me, sending a little bit of LOVE, to all of you. In the form a piping hot bowl of goodness.


Paleo/AIP “Potato” Leek Soup


1 TBS cooking fat, I used bacon fat, but can use coconut oil, avocado oil or ghee (Omit Ghee for AIP)

2 small Japanese White Sweet Pots, peeled & diced

1 medium celeriac root, peeled and diced (Watch here for a video on how to peal them)

1/2 yellow onion, diced

3 leeks, washed, sliced and separated (whites and light green in one bowl, dark green in another) (Be sure to cut off stems at top and bottom so you are only slicing the round part of the leek)

3-5 cups of beef or chicken broth (Bone broth is best)

1 tsp garlic powder

2-3 tsps sea salt

2 tsps nutritional yeast (I like BRAGG’S)

1 tsp Apple Cider Vinegar

1/2 cup full fat coconut milk (No carrageenan) (No guar gum for AIP) (I LOVE this brand)

Pepper to taste (Omit for AIP)

2 pieces of crispy bacon per bowl, crumbled


  1. Over medium heat, melt cooking fat. Add in onion and leeks. Season with 1/2 tsp of sea salt.
  2. Sautee for 10 minutes, till soft.
  3. Add in sweet pots and celeriac root. Stir to combine, then cover with 3-4 cups of broth, nutritional yeast, remaining sea salt and ACV. Bring to a boil, then cook on medium-low heat for 15-20 minutes till vegetables are soft when pierced with a knife.
  4. Transfer to a high speed blender or food processor, and blend till smooth and creamy!
  5. Add back to pot, and stir in coconut milk.
  6. Taste, and add sea salt and pepper to taste. Let simmer on low until ready to eat!
  7. Cook bacon according to directions.
  8. Sautee green parts of the leeks, with 1/2 tsp cooking fat, over medium heat till brown and crispy, but not burnt!
  9. Crumble bacon and leeks on top of soup.

From my very fragile heart to all of you, I hope you enjoy!!



*For those of you using Portion Fix, here are some “approximate” measurements for you….

1 cup of soup = 1/2 green, 1/2 yellow, 1/4 tsp


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