Join the OFFICIAL 80 Day Obsession Test Group (with Autumn Calabrese)

My love for celebrity trainer Autumn Calabrese knows NO limits. After all, she literally changed the entire course of my life on a sunny day back in May of 2014. (After staring at her insane booty on the cover of her 21 Day Fix booklet, putting off my start date for 2 months, I finally said, WTH, what do I have to lose?)

I was a total gym rat, who ate PB & J sandwiches for lunch and thought I was eating”healthy”, all while seeing zero changes in my body after 4 years of daily 1.5 workouts. (Why would I want to change that, it was working so well for me?! 😉 ) I get it friends, I know firsthand how hard change is.

Knowing what you need to do improve your life takes wisdom! Pushing yourself to do it takes courage….

I guess I found my courage that day in May, when will you find yours???

(Before I found my courage in May 2014 | After making a commitment to my health + fitness)

For some, it takes an extra push, like the opportunity to work one-one-one with a trainer in her EXCLUSIVE test group for her new program 80 Day Obsession. I know this is the push I need to get that excitement back, and commit 100% to myself and a new 80 day program Autumn is launching this month.

Think daily LIVE videos from her, customized MACRO nutrition, workouts to completely change your abs, arms and booty, daily superfoods, a custom supplement line to get you the BEST results possible, a group of like-minded people supporting your journey to a fitter, happier & healthier you. 24/7 support from yours truly, to help you stay committed to your GOALS!

What you can expect from the program…

*80 BRAND NEW workouts utilizing sliders, bands & weights (6 days a week, one rest day)

*Customized MACRO nutrition using timed nutrition (With recipes and meal plans)

*Daily Superfood Shakes to fuel your body and fight fatigue, digestion issues, insomnia and cravings

*Access to the EXCLUSIVE test group with Autumn

*Access to my private Fit Clubs with HUNDREDS of recipes and meal plans to support you on this journey

*Weekly prizes, support, motivation, and accountability to turn this into a lifestyle, not a fad

If this sounds like something you want more information on, here is the application to join the EXCLUSIVE test group with Autumn and ME!

This is going to be an ALL IN group, so get ready to change your life, your fitness, your health!




Foam Rolling Fun!

Foam 2

OK, confession… I’ve had a foam roller laying around in my home gym for AT LEAST 2-3 years, and I’ve maybe touched it twice…. OK, once! 😉

I mean, let’s be honest, I didn’t know HOW to use that thing, or frankly WHY I was using it. Then, I started having really bad sciatica pain – it was so bad it was keeping me up at night and I was having to take Advil to get some sort of relief.

It was going on WAY too long, and one day it hit me while working out and that green foam thing was staring back at me – why don’t I try foam rolling my tush and see if I can get rid of this sciatica pain WITHOUT using pills!

So, I did a little research and start rolling – and I will {{NEVER}} not roll my muscles!! After 2 days of rolling, my sciatica pain was gone, and it has not come back – this is a miracle!! 🙂


While I was doing my research I kept coming across articles about how foam rolling can reduce cellulite – stop rolling your eyes, we all have it and all want to get rid of it! 😉

So here is my take-away on that – IT WORKS!!!!!! It takes time, but it works. I’d say over the last 2 weeks of consistent foam rolling, my cellulite on my tush and the back of my legs is noticeably reduced.

I was a total skeptic about that part, but I swear by it now! Try it for yourself, what have you got to lose besides tight muscles and unsightly bumps on the back of your pretty legs?!

For more info on Foam Rolling be sure to check out these awesome articles online, oh and PLEASE be sure to NEVER EVER roll your low back!! 🙂

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