Sorry I’ve been MIA

Hi Friends, I am so sorry I have been MIA and not keeping up with my posts on here.

Life, infertility, thyroid problems and some pesky parasites have gotten the best of me and my BLOG fell to the back burner. 😉

But, I am working though life, I mean, we all have our struggles, and I am getting back to bringing you all really great tips, tricks, recipes and meal plans. 🙂

Here’s a little back story for you all…


“Life lessons 101 with Liz…..

When life knocks you down, get up, and then get up again…. Oh, and listen to your gut!! {You know, that voice in your head that says… I’m not cool with that, this doesn’t feel right, do more research, ask more questions, keep fighting for yourself!!}

Today I received less than ideal news about my blood work that I had taken last week. The Doctor immediately wanted to put me on a slew of drugs, but my gut said HELL NO!!!

Something is definitely off with my {THYROID}, which is scary and sad and overwhelming. It’s hard not feel like this is yet again another blow.

But, I’m strong and I won’t go down without a fight! And if it means our fertility treatments are put on hold while I really get to the root of my problems, while I heal myself from the inside out, while I listen to my gut – then I’m ok with that.

I will get back up from this knock down, I will try to learn whatever lessons I can from this, and I will come out on the other end even stronger. 💕”

So, here I am trying to get better, and I am going to share everything I can with all of you!!



Don’t Quit Your DAYDREAM


What’s your {DAYDREAM}?? What’s that thing you can’t stop dreaming about for your life??
My daydream is to be a stay-at-home mom!

I truly believe that every step I’ve taken over the last eight years has brought me to this place where I’m at – being able to see my {DREAM} become a reality.


Failed jobs
8 years of infertility
Moving to Paris for 6 months
Facing my fears
Saying YES to coaching

I like to think of all these things as pieces of a puzzle. This “job” has literally become the last piece to the puzzle that I believe WILL get us to our baby, to that crying, pooping, bundle of JOY!! 😉

It has grown me mentally, emotionally and financially- and without it, my DAYDREAM would not be possible.

While I work from home, on my time, I’m able to earn an income to pay for infertility treatments, I’m able to heal my body from the inside out, I’ve learned how to truly take care of my mind and body…. And eventually I will get to be home with our baby, working my coaching business from home, helping other people make their dreams a reality.

So, to all you {DAYDREAMERS} out there, don’t quit!!! Don’t ever give up your dreams!!



I am 1 in 8…..

1in 8

{{I AM 1 in 8}}
I am one face of INFERTILITY. One face out of MILLIONS who have suffered in silence, cried alone, anxiously awaited a positive pregnancy test that never came. I’ve lost friends, gone “crazy”, talked to therapists, blamed myself, blamed Steve, hated EVERYONE who got pregnant when I couldn’t.

We are now 7.5 years into our journey, and if I can, I want to offer HOPE to all of you who may be suffering alone, in the shadows of infertility.

I {PROMISE} you, there is hope! Coming from someone who still does not have her B A B Y – I have come out of the darkness, I am stronger, happier (yes, I am happy), I am wiser, and I have HOPE!! I have HOPE that if a baby is what GOD/The Universe has in store for us, it will come to us. I have HOPE, that the more we all talk about our struggles, the more we blow the lid off of this heartbreaking situation – the less people will have to suffer alone!

I know firsthand it can be really hard to “help” someone you love who is struggling through this, but I will tell you this – listen as much as you can, give your unwavering support, love with all your heart and try to let us navigate this journey as best we can. Each person is different, each struggle or diagnosis is different – but the PAIN is the same!

Wherever you are at in your infertility journey – be gentle with yourself and your emotions, get help if you need it, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and {NEVER GIVE UP HOPE}!!!! ❤