Hammer & Chisel: Meal Plans and more!

So, my next big adventure begins on Monday and I’m really excited, nervous, and in full on planning mode!! Santa came early for me this year, and I’m STOKED!!


I have not been this committed to a new workout program since I did The 21 Day Fix back in May of 2014! (Mind you I have done P90X3, Insanity Max:30, 21 Day Fix Extreme, PiYo, and Cize – but I never incorporated the nutrition and meal plans with them!)

Y I K E S ! ! !


So, in preparation for the big start on Monday, I have been putting together specific meal plans to use with my color coordinated containers so I can REALLY stay on track!!

Here is my Week One Meal plan for you all to start looking at and feel free to use it to plan your weeks as well. (Change it up if you need too! I can’t eat eggs or yogurt, so you will never see those as a RED option for me! I don’t eat gluten either, more on that later!)

A lot of my recipes are coming from the Hammer & Chisel Nutrition book, FIXATE and Against All Grain! I’ll be sharing a couple of my weekly dinner recipes from each week, so stay tuned for that!


If you want all the recipes, feel free to shoot me an email to LOVEtobeFITwithLIZ@gmail.com, and we can get you hooked up with a copy of FIXATE, or you can even be adventurous and join me in trying H & C!!



LOVE to be FIT!!

I didn’t always love getting in shape or eating healthy, but since The 21 Day Fix was introduced to me things have never been the same. Here we are about 8 months later and I’ve done The Fix at least 5 times, finished P90X3 and am currently facing my fears with Insanity Max:30.

I can honestly say I NEVER thought I could do these programs. I had this idea in my mind that I couldn’t work out too hard, that I wasn’t capable if it – but it turns out I am doing pretty darn good! 😉

I can also say I NEVER thought I would be caught dead eating Broccoli! I never like it as a kid or an adult, but since becoming a coach and branching out I have learned to like it. I don’t LOVE it yet, but one day at a time, right??

So, here is to an amazing 2015, facing our fears and staying on this fit and healthy lifestyle. Who’s with me??