Insanity Max:30

OK let’s get REAL!!

How tough is MAX:30?

It’s a half hour of pure intensity, and frankly, your chances of making it all the way through—at least at first—are pretty much…zero. It’s SO tough, Shaun T spent months just to find a way to get you through it.

That’s when he came up with the breakthrough he called



Every time you do a MAX:30 workout, you go as hard as you can for as long as you can. Then, when your lungs feel like sandpaper and your muscles are begging for mercy, that’s when you take a break, write down the time you MAXED OUT, and get right back in to finish your workout.

12 DVDS for 60 days of CRAZY workouts!!




Here’s a little sneak peek for you…

I have done this program, and let me just say this – it is INSANE!! There is a modifier, so don’t freak yourself out! If you want a challenge and something that is going to take your results to the next level – Insanity Max:30 is it!

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